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TendoFlex is a highly effective flexibility and core strengthening, physician designed exercise product that combines spinal range of motion exercises and abdominal core strengthening, allowing users to enhance mobility and help alleviate back stiffness, muscle tightness and aching.

Its unique patented design lets users stretch through their previous limited physiological barriers of motion, which occurs due to the gentle added force created by the user through the unique motions with TendoFlex.

When using TendoFlex the tendons, muscles, and supporting soft tissue "release" tension thus promoting increased range of motion and muscle relaxation. Strengthening the abdominal core, in addition to achieving the ultimate stretch, is vital in helping to increase mobility of the joints and spine, which support the body and can help reduce back discomfort.

TendoFlex's Original range of motion exercises and stretches, and abdominal core training workouts, are adopted from similar Pilates and yoga maneuvers and are recommended for use before fitness, health and sporting activities to achieve maximum flexibility. It's also ideal for daily use. Multiple abdominal core exercises developed for TendoFlex are also great for toning your mid section. Once you try TendoFlex you will quickly feel the unique specialized stretch and benefits. There's no other like it!

Dr. Matthew Kulka


As a physician I see many patients encountering back problems that limit their daily routines. Over the years I have also experienced back issues such as stiffness and aching, and took Pilates classes hoping to strengthen and increase my flexibility. During one such session an instructor noted my tight hamstrings and limited range of flexibility. During this session the instructor physically assisted me through a series of stretches and core strengthening exercises. Afterwards I was significantly more flexible and had notably less back discomfort.

Like most people, after several sessions I became too busy and was unable to continue. My wife and children took the place of my personal trainer and duplicated the same maneuvers. Getting assistance from an instructor, personal trainer or family members daily was not realistic given my busy schedule. I had an "aha" moment! What if I could develop a stretching and core strengthening product for personal use that would not require assistance from others? TendoFlex is this product.

Dr. Matthew KulkaDr. Matthew Kulka
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