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Jackie U., 35

Jackie U., 35

"My friend told me about TendoFlex when I started feeling sore after training for a marathon. I didn't want to give up on the race so I decided to try it out. After using it a few times I could feel the difference it made. TendoFlex has given me the help I need to get back on track – without the pain!"

Jason H., 35

Jeff E., 42

"I can't remember the last time my back felt so open! I use TendoFlex everyday and recommended it to a buddy. I always slept from side to side, as my back tightens up. Now, I'm shocked how open my back is every morning. While away recently I didn't have my TendoFlex – I couldn't wait to start using it again. There's really something to this!"

Sarah B., 35

Sarah B., 41

"For my job I often travel by plane for long periods of time and get constant muscle tightness in my lower and upper back. TendoFlex fits perfectly in my carry on so I can stretch out and know I'll feel great when I have to jump on my next flight. I really recommend it to anyone who travels a lot and experiences back discomfort from sitting for a while."

Steven R., 55

Steven R., 55

"I use TendoFlex before a round of golf and store it in my locker when I'm on the course. Thanks to TendoFlex I'm not experiencing the shoulder or back problems I felt when I took a full swing or when carrying my bag. It's great and I plan on using it for every match."

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